• Drew Canfield – University at Buffalo
  • Zoe Hamstead – University at Buffalo


The Hermosillo Age Index Map indicates the normalized (between low (0) and high (1)) spatial concentration of the population below age 5 and equal to or above age 65.


The Hermosillo Heat Sensitivity Index Map was created by combining the population below 5 years old index and the population 65 years old and above index ((“65 Years and Older Index” + “Less Than 5 Years Index”) / 2) and then re-indexed between 0 (low) and 1 (high) (INDEX = ([[DASY_DENSITY]] – minValue) / (maxValue – minValue)).
All census data used to construct population indices was derived from the 2010 Sonora Census.
The USO 2010 (Hermosillo Land Use Classification Map) was used to determine population residence.
Spatial Scale: 10 meter
Type: Raster


Sensitivity to heat index indicated by:
Pop < 5 yrs
Pop >= 65 yrs

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